Introduction 3.0.0-alpha

Prismic development kit for Vue.js 3

This temporary documentation website is for the upcoming version of @prismicio/vue that focuses on Vue.js 3.

Are you looking for the Vue.js 2 version of our kit? Check out Prismic documentation~

Interested in Vue.js 3 and Prismic? Join the conversation in the ongoing Vue 3 Kit RFC and Suggestion Thread!

This kit is in alpha and still in active development. Breaking changes and refactors may occur as long as the kit remains in that state.

@prismicio/vue is a Vue.js 3 plugin that helps you connect your Vue application to your content hosted on Prismic while also assisting you with more advanced feature usage through the 3 injected kits.


Add Prismic to your Vue.js app in seconds
Access Prismic Kits with $prismic or usePrismic()
Improved IDE and TypeScript support
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